How to install Funkify and activate Premium



  1. Download Funkify extension for Chrome here, using the “Add to Chrome” button:
  2. Follow the instructions provided upon successful installation.
  3. When you have opened the Funkify extension according to the installation instructions, go to the third tab titled “Get Premium” or “About” and input the license key provided in your email recieved upon completed purchase and payment. You will also need to input the email used for purchasing and registering on our site. This email address may be a different one than your PayPal address or Google account address.

If you can’t find your license, you may request a new one on this page:

Image showing Funkify page in Chrome store

Get Funkify Premium


In some cases during installation it can be easy to miss a window asking for permissions for Funkify extension. Sometimes this can hide behind other windows, so make sure to minimize those to reveal it. If it’s nowhere to be seen, try removing Funkify from Chrome and adding it again, from this page:

Failing to do this will make you unable to properly launch Funkify, update your license or make use of our free trial period.

Image depicting how to click "allow" to give Funkify permissions to your Google account.

Get Funkify Premium

Additional resources

Google support page on how to manage extensions: