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Cognition simulator

While using our cognition simulator you will get the essence of what it’s like for people with autism, adhd and other neurological conditions to use the web. If you lack the special experience that these conditions can bring, you definitely will get a brand new perspective.

Dyslexia simulator

A common question is how users with dyslexia experience the web. Funkify’s dyslexia simulator might give you a part of the answer as it will scramble the letters and make them dance – creating a frustration that you will remember.

Motor simulator

Discover how many users with different motoric abilities or disabilities may experience the web. Funkify’s motor simulator persona ‘Trembling Trevor’ will make you lose some control over your mouse pointer.

Vision simulator

The unique vision simulator in Funkify shows how internet users with different vision impairments may experience the web. It has several features which offers you a possibility to see through their eyes for a while.