Motor simulator

Discover how many users with different motoric abilities or disabilities may experience the web. Funkify’s motor simulator persona ‘Trembling Trevor’ will make you lose some control over your mouse pointer.

The main goal with this simulator is to clarify the frustration within a person who tries to point and click a way too small element on a web site, like a button or a link.

So: download the Funkify extension, start the simulator Trembling Trevor and feel the instant urge of enlarging the touch targets.

Try it yourself, on any site you want!

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Short checklist for building motor friendly websites and apps:

Throw your mouse away! Make sure you can navigate with your keyboard.

Make sure it’s always clear where the focus is.

Make the touch targets larger, especially in a list of links (like a side menu).

Don’t require the function drag-and-drop .

Avoid megamenus and dropdowns that require precision.

About the motor simulator

When it comes to browsing the web with handheld devices, large touch targets are essential – and fortunately, it has begun to become a bit more standardized. This might depend on the simple fact that when browsing the internet with a handheld device, like a smartphone while riding a bus for instance, everyone suffers from a temporary motor skill problem.

The need for large touch targets doesn’t magically disappear on a desktop – but still the size of buttons and links tend to be smaller. And, in cases they’re not, the mouse sensitivity can make small hand movements seem like they are bigger than they really are.

In our quest for making our motor simulator as inclusive and accurate as possible, we contacted the Swedish Rheumatism Association. By this we got an opportunity to borrow their eyes for a while to see how to appropriately simulate some of the user needs online.

Said and done. In a lucrative workshop with some of the members we discovered that we all – as internet users – share many opinions about what defines a good site as well as a bad. The result is our motor simulator which animates tremors, Parkinson’s disease – or simply a user trying to click a link on a smartphone while riding a bus.

The persona ‘Trembling Trevor’ is moving your cursor around in quite a rush, and the persona ‘Keyboard Kim’ (coming soon) turns your cursor off completely and forces you to navigate the page with only your keyboard.

Anyhow. Try our motor simulator – it will speak louder than a thousand words.

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