Vision simulator

The unique vision simulator in Funkify shows how internet users with different vision impairments may experience the web. It has several features which offers you a possibility to see through their eyes for a while.

Warning: This might serve as a motivating eye-opener and even give you plenty of bright ideas for site improvement.

With this said – get Funkify premium now to use our personas ‘Blurry Bianca’, ‘Tunnel Toby’, ‘Color Carl’, ‘Elderly Ellen’ or ‘Sunshine Sue’. Each one offers you a different kind of common vision impairment.

Try it yourself, on any site you want!

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Short checklist for building websites and apps friendly to the visually impaired:

Check your color contrasts.

Use a large font.

Make sure zooming works both on desktop and mobile.

Avoid layout in multiple columns.

Write code that follows the html-standard.

Try your site with a screen reader.

About the vision simulator

The team behind Funkify has a vision: to give developers, product owners and others that administer a web page an opportunity to test your interface.

We believe in the power in ‘learning by doing’, as an alternative of the exhausting ‘learning by reading’. Therefore our extension doesn’t require any previous knowledge about the impairments we simulate. Just switch on the persona you want to try out – and voilá! You have a new impairment and might serve as your own test user.

Funkify has the potential to be the perfect tool to create accessible digital content, and is suitable both for user experience and service design.

Our visual simulator personalities consists of:

  • ‘Blurry Bianca’ – view a web page through a foggy filter, similar to several visual impairments.
  • ‘Color Carl’ – adds different color filters, conveying several types of color vision deficiency (correct term for ‘color blindness’).
  • ‘Elderly Ellen’ – combines blurred vision and trembling navigation.
  • ‘Sunshine Sue’ – view your screen as if you were outside in bright light – without the possibility to go inside.
  • ‘Tunnel Toby’ – simulates partial vision loss on the screen.

To be able to make the simulator as authentic as possible we developed our simulator together with people who lives with vision loss as a result of brain tumors, Åland Islands eye disease, cataract, green starr and neurofibromatosis, to name a few.

We even tested our product on the voluntary associations Unga med Synnedsättning (Visual Impaired Youth Sweden) and Synskadades Riksförbund (The Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired) to be able to guarantee that this experience is as close as possible to the experience of those who we claim to represent.

As many voluntary associations say: nothing about us, without us!

Special thanks to:

Unga med synnedsättning, US
Synskadades riksförbund, SRF

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